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Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker

Banner design software is easy to use software to create professional banners with attractive flash banner templates
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16 February 2012

Editor's review

Internet advertising and promotional scene has majorly risen up in recent times owing to web revolution of sorts that provides far greater reach and visibility with low cost than conventional means of advertising and marketing. Since, each one of us is aware of the power of internet which is steadily growing with each passing day in terms of communication and information resources. All of us encounter advertisements while browsing the web displaying varied textual and graphical content vying to grab our attention and often close them as unwanted disruptions, without giving a thought to their creation and development. Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker 5.0 is one of the several utilities employed for designing and creating intuitive banners to be displayed on the internet.

Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker 5.0 opens with a vibrant looking interface with bright green hues across the borders. The major options are placed at the top pane and the left panel and user friendly navigational tools to enable the user in creating the banners. The software facilitates to add multiple image animations and texts to build banners in Flash format or HTML, PDF and AVI. The in-built arcade of 300 pre-designed flash banner templates make the process all the more simple and fast with the user getting the flexibility of choosing from the 17 sizes of the banner. Furthermore, the user can add transitions and effects to make the banner more vivid and bright make suitable color adjustments along with the facility of rotating the banner and even publishing them in a variety of formats like BMP, SWF, HTML and AVI etc.

To conclude, Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker 5.0 comes across as a constructive and enhanced utility for making online banners with vibrant graphics and gets a rating score of four points for its effectual usage and user friendly navigation.

Publisher's description

Banner designer 5.0 allows you to use professionally designed flash banner templates, add text and image animation effects to build banners in FLASH, HTML, PDF, AVI, GIF and many image formats in no time.
* Create professional looking banners from 300 predesigned flash banner templates.
* You can also upload your banner to picasa and flicker.
* Access background animations and images from in-built library or import animation in background in SWF format.
*It allows you to design a banner of specific size by choosing from a set of 17 sizes.
* You can add and customize text, images, symbols, shapes, preloaders and buttons in your banner.
* Add transitions and text effects to banner.
* You can simply add effects to the banner by applying color adjustments (brightness, contrast, hue and saturation) transparency, rotate, flip, outline, shadow and blur effects as per the need to add life to your banners.
* With arrangement tools like select all, group, ungroup, lock, hide, send backward, bring forward and alignment, you can arrange banner elements easily.
* Provide special effects banner using filters like grey scale, invert, sharpen, edge and water or overlays.
*Fill using 5 color palettes, color picker or fill with image.
*Import system fonts, access font character map and even multilingual fonts.
* You can combine multiple banners into single file and perform loop action.
* Banner Rotator functionality can be used to rotate multiple banners.
* Use FTP Feature to upload banners.
* Publish your banner in SWF, HTML, AVI, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF and GIF formats.
* You can also get transparent output in GIF, PNG, HTML and SWF.
Use the help file that contains detailed instruction on how to use this web banner software easily and effectively.
Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker
Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker
Version 5.1
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User comments

I purchased their 4.0 for $60 and used it for some static banners. Then later found out that the animated banner creation had a bug. Upon reporting it they didn`t reply back for an entire month. Then they replied that I had to buy the newest version (another $60) if I wanted support. I didn`t buy a subscription, I purchased software to design banners!! It certainly was not $60 a year to use!! While my software works other than the bug, they state my license is expired now that they created version 5 instead of fixing the bugs in version 4. Nowhere did it state my software would quit working after a year!! If I had changed computers, OS, or even a major hardware change I could accept that a new version could be required. But that is not the case. They put a timer in the software or something that cripples it a year after you pay for it so you are forced to buy the new version.

What could have been a good software to design banners has turned into a SCAM. If you look at their website during the checkout they have a disclaimer "No cash or credit card reversals will be given".

That is a clear sign that they obviously have quite a few people filing chargebacks because a company that supports their product is not going to put such a disclaimer on their website.

Shoppers beware! While their web advertising and marketing makes it look great, Banner Designer Pro and their support is not worth a dime.
Katie Martins
I find so many people recommend this tool, and i have downloaded the trial version for a test. I swear it is better than any other software.
Designing perfect and attractive banner was a pain. But using this software I was able to create banner of my choice with great ease.
Emily Bronte
Very efficient banner maker tool. The templates, graphics, fonts, images are amazing and this makes banner unique & attractive.
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